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Special Delivery

Steps to Order!
1. Fill out the order form below.
Minimum order is 2 Dozen mini cupcakes.

2. Select the flavors
you're interested in purchasing. 
Cupcakes are produced in batches of 24 per flavor.

3. We will contact you to confirm order
and to schedule delivery & payment.
Qualifications for FREE delivery below**
Pick up is Available

4. Receive your order and devour your Sweet Shots!

*Because cupcakes are made fresh we must be given at least 1 week notice
**Delivery is FREE in the Bronx and Lower Westchester, NY for orders of 4 dozen or more (not including tolls). A $5 delivery fee will be charged for orders smaller than 4 Dozen (not including tolls).
***We currently  DO NOT ship

24 for $24

  Every additional cupcake is $1 

  Example: 48 for $48 - 96 for $96 

Thank you for ordering! You will recieve a message shortly!

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