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The Co-Founders


Michael is the co-owner of Sweet Shots by AJ. He has been there every step of the way when it comes to supporting AJ's dream. He studied visual arts at High school of Art and Design and uses his artistic talents in a variety of mediums. He naturally has a love for food thanks to his large and proud Italian-American family. He learned how to cook and bake from his mom. He has helped develop the company and continues to be a major component to Sweet Shots by AJ. 



Ashley, aka AJ,-founder and co-owner of Sweet Shots by AJ was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn by both of her lovely parents. Her Puerto-Rican grandmother was a huge inspiration for her because she instilled the importance of pride in your culture especially through food. AJ has such a passion for cooking and baking and absolutely loves people's reactions to her cupcake creations. She believes that food brings people together and wants to share her love with everyone!

Sweet Shots by AJ Origins

One day AJ was asked by her husband's family to make dessert for their family gathering.

She had no idea what to make and it would be her first time making anything for them. Trying to impress them she decided to make some appetizers and desserts from her culture. They all loved it and she was proud so she wondered how far she could push herself. From that day on she went all out and experimented with as many Latin,Italian and American flavors as she could and started perfecting her recipes. She has since then shared her mini cupcakes with friends and family and they were blown away by the flavors! Everyone pushed her and said she needs to open up her own shop because the flavors were so true to the actual desserts. Thus Sweet Shots by AJ was born!

We hope to bring you quality mini cupcakes that make you come back for more! AJ uses all fresh ingredients with no preservatives. All flavors are made from scratch in small batches and each mini cupcake is handmade with a ton of love! 

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